Yamada FDA Compliant Pumps

Posted by Charles Soileau on

This week International Pumps and Parts has added the entire line of Yamada FDA compliant pumps to our product listings. They are specifically designed for Food, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries where USDA or 3A standards are not required. The line includes 316 stainless steel wetted components with passivated satin finish, PTFE-coated air motor, sanitary clamp fittings, and FDA compliant elastomers.

The entire series features:

  • self-priming, lube-free air valve
  • intrinsically safe and portable
  • no mechanical seals
  • ability to run dry without pump damage

Available in eight sizes with flow ranges from 1-215 gallons per minute. Visit our site intpumps.com and email Charles@intpumps.com or call 225-572-4408 with further questions.

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