Industriflo 6" Suction Lift Self-Priming Pump

Industriflo 6" Suction Lift Self-Priming Pump

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Discharge: 6" 

Density of Medium: 1.0-1.38*103Kg/m^3

Ph: 5-9

Max Suction Lift: 25 Ft.

Volume Ration of Solids: 2%

Impeller Diameter: 12-3/8"

Rotary Speed: 650 RPM-1550 RPM

Flow Rates: 50GPM-1450GPM

Head: 5-110ft.

Horsepower: 2HP-40HP

Max Solid Passing: 3"


Solids-handling impeller that can handle solids up to 3" in diameter.

Double mechanical Seal constructed of silicon carbide to handle abrasive services.

Removable Cover plate providing easy access to pump interior and parts for simple maintenance.

Drive Variations available for customers with unique needs. Pumps may be direct-coupled, V-belt driven by an electric motor, or driven by a gas or diesel engine.

Wear Plate externally adjustable.

Removable Rotating Assembly with just four bolts from the back of the pump. 


*Data is approximate; please refer to manual or an Industriflo engineering consultant for information on pump capabilities.