Fast Flow Pumps FAQs

1. What is so different about the Fast Flow pump compared to other centrifugal pumps?

The Fast Flow pump has a double suction "annular inlet" design that draws suction from both sides of the impeller; this eliminates thrust load wear problems normally found on other centrifugal pumps. In fact, the impeller has no contact with the housing. It's what the Fast Flow Pump does not have that makes it so reliable: no mechanical seals, no wear plates, no internal bearings, no bushings, no gears, and no rubber impellers, all of which create friction, heat, wear, and pump failure. Fast Flow is the only centrifugal pump known that does not have mechanical seals. This innovative technology has resulted in a new kind of pump.

2. Can the Fast Flow pump run dry?

Yes. It is made to run dry without damage to the pump and has only one bearing, which is external to the pump and therefore easy to lubricate. We run dry at our pump demos at 4000 rpm without damage. The impeller acts like a double sided fan and pulls heavy solids into the double inlets.

3. Is the Fast Flow pump self-priming?

Yes. It is a submersible hydraulic pump, eliminating the priming problems normally found on other centrifugal pumps. Submersible pumps do not suffer from "suction lift limitations" that affect trailer-mounted centrifugal pumps and gasoline trash pumps.

4. How does the Fast Flow pump's flow rate performance compare with other pumps?

The unique double inlet design produces very high flow rates. For example, with its dual intake inlets, our compact 2" pump can move 410 GPM; typically, most 2" pumps can move only 175 GPM. In fact, it is the highest 2" flow rate pump that we have ever tested.  A powerful hydraulic motor runs the pump, making the pump lightweight and portable.

5. Is the Fast Flow pump suitable as a high pressure pump?

The Fast Flow pump is designed to be a high flow rate pump rather than a high pressure pump.  However, the 3" models will pump an impressive 300 feet of vertical head pressure. Because it is submersible, suction lift limitations and priming problems are eliminated.

6. Is the Fast Flow pump portable?

Yes. Its small size will fit into a manhole and barge hatch openings. The 2" pump is about 16 inches square and weighs only 26 pounds. Other pumps that move similar flow rates are extremely heavy and usually require a crane or other heavy lifting equipment.  The 4" model weighs only 72 pounds and flows an impressive 1000 GPM. Fast Flow pumps work great in confined entry jobs. 

7. Can the Fast Flow pump handle heavy waste solids?

Yes. It can pump a stream of mud, oily waste, and viscous fluids. The impeller has no contact with the housing, allowing for passage of these materials with minimal erosional damage, and we have many types of pump coatings available for severe service pumping applications. Our pumps are field proven to pump 19.7 pounds per gallon of drilling cement and 20 pounds of oilfield cuttings at reserve pits, well cellars, and barge pumping operations.

8. What type of service applications are suitable for the Fast Flow pump?

Applications include tank cleaning operations, pumping drilling cement, environmental clean-up, barge pumping/cleaning operations, confined space oily waste pumping, sewage, salvage & jetting operations, construction pit de-watering, mining, pumping oil spills, disaster response, flood protection, city maintenance, swimming pools, farming, forestry fire fighting, and many more.

9. What kind of power unit is required?

Fast Flow manufactures diesel/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic, and gasoline/hydraulic power units that are hydraulically matched to work best with our pumps. We also build oilfield ready, BP Oil, Shell Oil and compliant diesel hydaulic power unit (HPU) systems that meet Coast Guard oilfield regulations. Fast Flow's highly experienced team will work with you to determine what type of HPU will best meet your unique needs. Simply call (228) 475-2468 or Contact Us through the website for more information. 

10. What kind of maintenance is required?

The pump has only one bearing (located outside the pump), with one grease fitting that should be lubricated after use on a weekly basis.  The revolutionary pump design is easy to maintain and reduces downtime. Fast Flow hydraulic submersible pumps can be field serviced in under an hour.