AES Labtecta 66FS Seal

AES Labtecta 66FS Seal

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Size range Standard Range – 16mm – 145mm, Large Range – 150mm – 305mm

Lip-seal Options Carbon/ graphite filled PTFE, Virgin PTFE (Food Grade Compliant) Elastomer options FKM (standard), TFE/P, NBR, FFKM.

Metallurgy options Phosphor bronze stator & 316L Stainless Steel rotor (standard) 316L Stainless Steel stator & rotor

Key features/ benefits IP66 rated external labyrinth Running surface optimised for lip-seal performance Integral sleeve to prevent shaft wear caused by lip-seal Optional ATEX certification available

Typical Duties Peripheral speeds up to 20 m/s (5000 ft/min) Temperatures up to 180°C (356°F) Pressure up to 5 psig