Fast Flow Model FF3-IND-DTM

Fast Flow Model FF3-IND-DTM

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The Fast Flow 3” twin motor pump is designed for tank cleaning, where portability in confined space entry is difficult. Process tanks, frac tanks, and barges all contain abrasive solids that Fast Flow Pumps are specifically designed to handle. Two efficient hydraulic gear motors are self lubricated and engineered to keep contaminants out. There are absolutely no mechanical seals, no wear plates, and no shaft bearings.The pump even handles low level cavitation without damage.  

  Fast Facts
70 lbs
Max Water Flow:
600 GPM
Vertical Head:
350 Feet Max
Operating PSI:
2250 to 3300 PSI
Hydraulic Flow:
8 to 21 GPM
Power Source:
Hydraulic Driven
Ductile Iron
3" Male Cam Lock
29" x 10" x 12"
Hydraulic Oil:
AW-32 or AW-46

 Competitive Advantages

•  Designed for severe service applications
•  Handles abrasive solids pumping applications
•  Pumps 20 pound per gallon oilfield slurries
•  Anti-clog twin motor, double suction technology
•  Lightweight and portable at 70 lbs
•  Durable ductile iron for long life
•  Flame Spray coatings available
•  Cost effective compared to other pumps
•  Field service in under an hour
•  Features top lifting ring and debris cage
•  Optional high strength twin agitators available
•  Twin hydraulic motors self lubricate